overproofing or overproving sourdough bread

Overproofing or Overproving?

When talking about sourdough bread, the term most commonly used is “overproofing.”

Overproofing vs. Overproving:

  • Overproofing: This term is widely used in American English and refers to the stage where the dough has fermented for too long during the bulk fermentation or final proof, causing it to collapse or become too airy and weak to hold its shape properly when baked.
  • Overproving: This term is more commonly used in British English and carries the same meaning as overproofing.

In summary, “overproofing” is the term you would typically use in the context of sourdough bread, especially in American English. Both terms are understood and technically correct, but your choice may depend on the regional preference of your audience.


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