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salt in sourdough bread
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How Salt Influence Fermentation, Flavor, Dough Structure and Shelf Life

Salt plays several important roles in sourdough baking. It’s critical component for fermentation and flavor development. On a chemical level, all salt is primarily sodium chloride (NaCl)Both reducing and increasing its amount can significantly alter the bread’s taste, and finding the right balance is key to achieving a delicious loaf. It has a pivotal role […]

bake sourdough bread in dutch oven
Baking secrets

Unlocking the Secrets of Dutch Oven Bread Baking

In the world of bread making, the development of the protein structure, known as gluten, traditionally relies heavily on kneading. However, there’s a fascinating alternative method that requires no kneading while still yielding excellent results. Dutch oven technique, a game-changer for bread enthusiasts. How Does Stretching and Folding Dough Create Fluffier Bread With the Dutch […]