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Yeast Versus Baking Soda And Other Leavening Techniques

What is Levain? A levain (often spelled “levain” in French) is a type of pre-ferment traditionally used in the making of sourdough bread. It’s essentially a mixture of flour and water that has been inoculated with wild yeasts and bacteria from the environment. Over time, this mixture ferments, creating a natural leavening agent. The process […]

salt in sourdough bread
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How Salt Influence Fermentation, Flavor, Dough Structure and Shelf Life

Salt plays several important roles in sourdough baking. It’s critical component for flavor development. Both reducing and increasing its amount can significantly alter the bread’s taste, and finding the right balance is key to achieving a delicious loaf. It has a pivotal role in developing and strengthening the gluten structure in sourdough bread. Both too […]

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Can I Use Starter Right Out Of The Fridge?The Difference Between Active and Not Active

A sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water that contains wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria. These microorganisms are responsible for the fermentation process that gives sourdough bread its characteristic flavor and texture. The difference between an active sourdough starter and a not active one lies in their fermentation activity and ability to leaven […]